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● Wan Chai Development Phase II – Central – Wan Chai Bypass at Wan Chai East

WT Chan & Associates Limited has participated in the Wan Chai Development Phase II – Central – Wan Chai Bypass at Wan Chai East project. This project is mainly comprised of reclamation works, permanent seawall construction and the re-provision of Wan Chai Ferry Pier and Central – Wan Chai Bypass tunnel from the east of Fleming Road to the west edge of the former Wan Chai Public Cargo Working Area.

By being appointed by Chun Wo – CRGL JV to design all the temporary works for this construction, we design the Excavation and Lateral Support Systems (ELS), temporary seawall, drainage diversion, road diversion, decking system, fill and excavation process and any other related temporary works. As this project comprises of complicate temporary works, close liaison with the contractor and other parties with strong technical knowledge are required.

The temporary seawall needed to retain over 20m of fill, since it is under the sea level, no strutting can be used for the support and high wave pressure also need to be considered, this provide a real challenge to our design team, in result we successfully design two layers of sheetpiles to act as a combine wall together with grouting and water pressure balance method.

The construction works commenced in 2009 and will be completed in 2015.
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