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● Ko Shan Theatre, To Kwa Wan

This project at Ko Shan Theatre includes the construction of an Annex Building with 600-seat auditorium and supporting rooms. We act as the Independent Checking Engineer to provide the engineer inspection service for temporary works including formwork and falsework, large-scale temporary working platform and erection of main girder during the construction period.

A total of 400 Tons Roof Truss, Light & Maintenance bridges and Forestage Grid were installed during the construction of the Annex Building. We, as the independent checking engineer, inspected the delivery, assemble and unloading of the steel roof truss by a 350-ton hydraulic mobile crane. We ensured that the unloading procedure strictly follow the submitted method statement, Particular Specification, the General Specification for Building 2007 issued by Architectural Service Department.

Besides that, we inspected and checked a maximum 15m high proprietary steel scaffold system for the construction of upper roof floor. The large-scale steel scaffold system will be erected and dismantled step by step to provide working platform for subsequent structural steelwork assembly and erection at different floor levels.
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