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● Construction Works for Home Ownership Scheme at Wang Yip Street West, Yuen Long

Construction of one Non-standard Block (Wing A of 10 domestic storeys and Wing B of 11 domestic storeys connected by lift tower and bridges.). The block approximately 50m x 50m overall on plan and approximately 35m high from ground floor to main roof level, consisting of Wing A contains 110 Nos. 2B flat and an estate management office, Wing B contains 119 Nos. 2B flat, lift tower and bridges and buoyancy raft foundation of approximately 52m x 52m x 8m deep, supporting. The total contract sum is 423 million HKD and the contract period is from October 2013 to August 2016.

W T Chan & Associates Limited (“WTC”) is commissioned by Chun Wo to undertake the temporary ELS design. The ELS design works comprised of strutted sheetpile wall with 50m long flying strut across the site. The maximum excavation depth is 9.25m. Clay material have considered in the ELS design.
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