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● Natural Terrain Hazard Study for Infrastructure Works for Housing Site adjacent Lung Ping Road at Tai Wo Ping

WT Chan & Associates Limited was responsible for supervising and checking the Natural Terrain Hazard Study (Referred as “NTHS” here and after) for the above captioned project.

The objectives of NTHS is to identify the potential risk such as landslide, channelized debris flow, deep-seated slide, rock fall and boulder fall on natural hillsides that could affect the proposed development and propose any mitigation measure if necessary. Since the potential risk such as landslide, debris flow and deep-seated slide were studied previously, the main objective of NTHS is to conduct a boulder survey and identify any potential risk of boulder fall.

The extent of the NTHS is bounded by the Rader Station at the Peak of Beacon Hill (approximately +457.7mPD) and descends down to the site (approximately +140mPD). The approximate extension is presented in figure 1.
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